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Gotham Steel Pan Review

The Gotham Steel Pan is a solid budget ceramic nonstick with quick heating and decent build quality. However, due to the better durability, nonstick, and matched affordability of nonstick made with teflon, it’s hard to recommend. But, if you can’t overlook the conspiracies surrounding the health effects of teflon, and are looking for an affordable nonstick alternative, this might be the pan for you.

What is Gotham Steel Made Of?

Gotham steel is constructed from a solid aluminum core, with a titanium-ceramic coating, that gives the cookware it’s copper coloured interior. Gotham steel will tell you that their patented technology is brand new, and unlike any other nonstick you’ve ever seen, but in reality it’s part of a larger category of nonstick cookware called ceramic. In the kitchen industry, there are only two categories of nonstick cookware: teflon and ceramic. The ceramic coating is responsible for many of the weaknesses of the Gotham Steel pan, but for the price it can be overlooked.


The nonstick on gotham steel is nothing to write home about. From customer reviews, lots of people have complained that the nonstick coating has become worse after just a month of use. To get the nonstick performance you want from this pan you’ll have to use a little bit of oil, and avoid high heats. Because Gotham Steel is marginally more delicate than regular nonstick, we recommend taking good care of your nonstick. Gotham steel isn’t meant to compete with standard nonstick, it won’t fry eggs on high with no stickage, and cooking with fish it might stick.


Durability of the Gotham Steel Pan is an issue. Many reviews are stating the non-stick coating is worsening after a few uses and washing of the pan. This is no good because one of the main reasons the coating of the pan did not work well for many people was because of its ceramic coatings and how they did not hold up to use.

Despite Gotham Steel’s claims, like every nonstick, they are not metal utensil safe and using metal utensils will obliterate your pans. Gotham steel can be used in the dishwasher, but we would recommend avoiding it to keep you pans nonstick as long possible.

Gotham Steel got it right with their non-stick coating for health conscious consumers, but fell below expectations on durability.


Gotham Steel heats up quickly and fairly evenly. It is thin and the entire surface of the pan heats up quickly. Gotham Steel is not a pan you’ll want to use for sautéing or high temperature cooking. The thin and lightweight construction does not hold heat very well. Generally, thinner pans can be more prone to cook your food with hot and cold spots. This means your food will be undercooked on the inside of your pan, while on the outside of your pan, food is overcooked.


The design of the Gotham Steel Pan is sleek and eye-catching. It’s copper-coloured interior is immediately recognizable and the sturdy stainless steel handle feels comfortable in your hand. The handle of the pan is not insulated and can become hot if left on the stove for long periods during cooking. The design is definitely not something to write home about, but for the price , the pan’s design is workable.

Is Gotham Steel Nontoxic?

Gotham Steel Pan is safe pan to use. It is a ceramic nonstick pan, which is the trending alternative to traditional nonstick. It is made of inorganic materials such as sand that is heated to a high temperature and then bonded to the aluminum base. Ceramic is nonreactive, odor resistant, and also PTFE and PFOA free.

Teflon: The Real Ceramic Alternative

Through our thorough research of scientific studies, interviews with doctors, and scientific literature, we’ve come to the conclusion ceramic is only maybe safer than teflon nonstick. Teflon (PTFE) is believed to release toxic fumes when overheated, and to contain a toxic chemical name PFOA that’s believed to be toxic when ingested. In our article on the safest cookware we’ve debunked both of these concerns as illegitimate. Some blogs will tell you that nonstick cookware is toxic or unsafe, but usually that’s only to upsell you to more expensive brands of cookware, because nonstick is cheap. With the amount of research available right now, the most we can guarantee you is that ceramic is maybe safer.

But, if you can overlook the conspiracy theories surrounding the health effects of using nonstick cookware, we believe you’ll be much more satisfied with a pan that is more nonstick, durable, and just as affordable.

Gotham Steel vs. The Competition

Gotham Steel is often compared to brands such as copper chef, red copper, and blue diamond. These are all in the category of affordable ceramic nonstick. These pans all claim to be different but you will only find little difference between their performance. They all use the same ceramic coating. The only difference is in design, and minerals they use to reinforce the nonstick coating. We’d recommend going with whichever design you like most as differences in durability are marginal. Although, if you require induction compatibility, go with the copper chef as it is made with stainless steel.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Mediocre Nonstick
  • PTFE-Free


  • Nonstick coating doesn’t last long
  • Heats unevenly
  • Advertising hype is overblown

Bottom Line

Gotham Steel is a solid pan for the price. It will work fine for beginner chef’s new to the kitchen or for those who don’t need to cook that often. Gotham Steel got it right with their non-stick coating for health conscious consumers on a budget, but fell below expectations on durability and performance. Although, if PTFE-free isn’t a deal breaker, we’d recommend going with it’s teflon nonstick for better durability and performance. If you’re looking for something completely different for searing and using high heat you’re gonna require completely a different category of pan entirely. For that, check out our guide on best stainless steel and cast iron.

Our favourite affordable nonstick: T Fal 12” Nonstick Skillet

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